COVID 19 - Operating protocol for Grottammare mon amour apartments

Operating protocol applied for the control of COVID-19 in the Grottammare mon amour apartments - Self-control plan

In application of the DGR Marche n. 564/2020 and in particular of attached D concerning the accommodation facilities referred to in Chapter II of the L.R. 9/2006.

In application of the Decree of the President of the Regional Council n. 153 of 16/05/20 and consulted the sitel of the Ministry of Health in the FAQ - Covid-19 questions and answers and the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The owners of the apartments on the website are keen to point out that they will do everything possible to protect guests during their stay and as long as there is a risk of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.

Green-pass obligation

All guests are obliged to update themselves on the laws governing access to tourist facilities and to arrive at check-in by providing all the documents required by law currently in force. Guests not in good standing will not be allowed and will be reported to the competent authorities.

Sanitization of the apartments

Scrupulous and specific sanitization and sanitary vacuum operations will be applied in all apartments.
All the rooms will be sanitized with cleaning operations using suitable products. In addition to floors and toilets, sanitisation will also concern surfaces deemed to be at risk (bedside tables, tables, chairs, handles, remote controls, switches, keys, etc.). The mattress covers and pillow covers will be washed in water with sanificator.
At the end of the sanitization will come drawn up a special "Register of actions - checklist" in which, for the purposes of transparency, all the actions undertaken for the aforementioned sanitation will be detailed. The checklist will be left in the apartment available to customers.

Registration of guests upon arrival (check-in)

At chek-in it is necessary to avoid gatherings, that is the presence of several people at the same time; it is also necessary to minimize the time to check-in. To this end, at least one day before check-in, guests must send, by e-mail or via direct upload to the site, the identity documents of all the people who will be staying in the structure.
At the check-in, which will take place inside the apartment, only the manager of the structure and the head of the family or group leader of the guests may be present. The other members will have to wait outside. The group leader or head of the family must compulsorily be equipped and wear a mask. In any case, the safety distance between people of at least one meter must be respected.
At check-in all guests must be in good health and no one must undergo quarantine measures.
We recommend to download and activate the "Immune" APP for all guests with a smartphone.

During the stay

During the stay, the mask and the interpersonal safety distance must be adopted by the guests as a means of prevention in the common areas of the structure such as the corridor, stairs etc.In the event that a person present within the structure has fever and / or symptoms of respiratory infection, the householder / group leader must immediately inform the competent Health Authority for the Marche region at 800 93 66 77 (08:00 / 20: 00), in case of need overtime 112, in addition to notifying the apartment manager. The householder / group leader will also have to isolate the patient, put on a surgical mask and take all the hygiene measures required to avoid contagion towards other people.

Departure of guests (chek-out)

Upon check-out, guests must leave the apartment clean without any solid-urban waste and without any food, even closed / sealed.
The check-out procedures must take place as at check-in: only the manager and the group leader will be present in the apartment, who must wear the mask and respect the minimum safety distance. All other guests must have already left the apartment.


The manager and / or owner is not responsible for any incorrect conduct by individual guest.

Satisfaction GuaranteedWARRANTY and SAFETY

The holiday rental activity of the apartments is denounced regularly to the Municipality of Grottammare and the Marche Region and you are able to controll them in the portal under the heading "Housing for rent" and "Other private accommodation", pursuant to Law. n. 9/06.

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