Regulation for rent the apartments for italian holidays

This regulation also represents the clauses of the lease that will be stipulated at the time of booking

GUEST: the person who rented the apartment.

OWNER: the apartment owner who has leased.

1- The apartment is rented furnished as described in its relative page of this site. This description is an integral part of the contract. Any other thing or service not covered is to be considered not included in the rent.

The apartment is exclusively leased for tourism under italian law Article 1, paragraph 2, letter c) of the law n.431 / 98. Pursuant to italian DPR131/1986, for rents exceeding 30 days, the guest will have to pay half of the registration price of the rental contract. This cost must be paid at check-in at the giving of the keys (tax of 2%, calculated on the value of the amount with a minimum of € 67 in addition to the stamps to be applied).

2- It must be occupied by no more than the agreed persons. The overnight stay in the building, even occasionally, of a higher number of people will result in the termination of the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the italian C.C.

3- The arrival (check-in) is between the hours 15 and 19, while the departure (check-out) is scheduled between 8 and 11, on the agreed days. It is agreed that the rent does not need to be canceled as it is already given by the guest at the time of booking.
Arrivals and departures outside the following time periods will not be accepted. In addition, the guest agrees to arrange the check-in and check-out time with the owner at least 24 hours in advance. The guess and all the people who will stay with him, have the obligation to present all the documents required by the laws in force at the time of check-in such as, by way of example only, Identity documents, Green passes, Certifications etc. Persons who do not have them will be reported to the competent authorities.

4- The apartment will be given in a good state of maintenance and cleaning. The guest will take over the apartment, for all purposes, with the collection of keys, constituting the same guardian. The guest is obliged not to damage the property, furniture and appliances and for this purpose declares to have found them in perfect condition of maintenance and operation. In case of damages, the guest is obliged to pay the costs as well as to pay compensation for the possible non-use of the apartment.

The breakdowns of appliances and equipment attributable to normal wear and tear, with a correct use of the equipment, are the responsibility of the owner. During the technical times of a possible repair, the guest agrees to have nothing to expect from the owner.
The guest declares that the apartment cleaning during his stay, as well as the final ones before departure, are at his care and charge.
The guest, on the day of arrival (check-in), will pay the security deposit established at the time of booking. This sum will be returned upon departure (check-out) after the owner has checked the final cleaning and the good condition of the property.
At check-in, the guest can check the condition of the property and, if it is necessary, he can highlight the differences with what was agreed in the rent.

5- The price of the rent is agreed and accepted by the guest at the time of booking, it includes the tourist tax and the costs for electricity, water and gas. The booking confirmation will be given by the owner upon receipt of the deposit. The balance of the rent must be paid on the day of arrival (check-in) at the time of giving of the keys.

6- In the event that, due to extraordinary events such as, for example, floods, allegations, fires, earthquakes etc, the guest will be forced to leave the apartment in advance, the owner will return only the portion of the fee equivalent to the days of stay not used. No other damage can be requested from the guest.

7- The guest can cancel the rent at least 60 days in advance from the date of arrival; in this case the owner will fully refund the deposit paid. In the event that the guest will give notice of cancellation between 59 and 31 days from the date of arrival, the owner will only return 50% of the deposit paid. In the event that the cancellation will be given within 30 days prior to arrival, no amount will be returned to the guest. If the guest has not given any cancellation and does not collect the keys on the day of arrival, he will still have to pay the balance of the lease while not benefiting from it.
For reasons of force majeure, even the owner can cancel the rent giving notice to the guest at least 30 days in advance of the arrival date, returning only the deposit paid. In the event that the owner gives notice of cancellation within 30 days before the arrival, he will return the deposit received in addition to a further sum of equal amount by way of indemnity.
After checking in and paying the balance of the lease, the guest may terminate the rent in advance but, in this case, the guest will not have the right to any refund and / or compensation for the period of stay not taken.

8- It is strictly forbidden to house animals of any kind or size.

9- The contract, drawn up on-line on the website, is considered valid and in force only after the owner has confirmed the receipt of the agreed deposit. By sending the deposit, the guest declares to have taken an early view and to have unconditionally accepted all the clauses and conditions. The contract will therefore be valid in all respects even without the signature of the parties because it has been stipulated, shared and explicitly accepted online. For any controversy regarding this contract the exclusive jurisdiction is of the Foro di Fermo

Additional clauses that are an integral part of the contract until the COVID-19 emergency ends

10- Check-in and check-out must be carried out only by the guest (head of the family or group leader) who will wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); all other guests must remain outside the hotel.

11- At the check-in, the guest (head of the family / group leader) must declare that all the people who will stay do not have fever and symptoms of respiratory diseases and are not subjected to quarantine. He will also declare that he has read, understood and accepted the structure's operating protocol (self-control plan) and that the rules contained therein, which concern guests, will be respected by him and by all his family members or group members. The guest will be held responsible for non-compliance.

12- The operating protocol, referred to in point 11, can be consulted online on this page: OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL. It may be updated by the owner on the basis and in compliance with the rules, guidelines and faq published by the sites competent institutions.

13- In the event that one or more guests are ill, if the competent authorities allow it, they must leave the facility and be transferred to a more suitable place by the date of check-out. In the event that the competent health authorities prohibit their movement, the guest is required to pay the owner additional nights, beyond the check-out date, on the basis of what has already been paid per night for the stay.

14- In the event that, due to a previous illness in the structure, the apartment is not available on the check-in date, the owner may also cancel the rental on the day of the check-in without paying any penalty, compensation or damages. The landlord must return the only sum paid by the guest as a deposit.

Anything not contemplated in this regulation or in the description of the apartment is to be considered excluded.

Online resolution of consumer disputes

The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the European consumer to resolve in a non-judicial manner any dispute relating to and / or deriving from contracts for the sale of goods and services stipulated on the network. As a consequence, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute arising from the online contract stipulated with the Owner. The platform is available at the following link (

Satisfaction GuaranteedWARRANTY and SAFETY

The holiday rental activity of the apartments is denounced regularly to the Municipality of Grottammare and the Marche Region and you are able to controll them in the portal under the heading "Housing for rent" and "Other private accommodation", pursuant to Law. n. 9/06.

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