Rules for rent the apartments for italian holidays

CONDUCTOR: the person who rented the apartment.

LANDLORD: the apartment owner who has leased.

1- The apartment is rented fully furnished, with TV, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher if provided in the description, iron, equipped and provided with the necessary accessories to stay (plates, glasses, utensils, broom, clothes horse) excluded Linen (asgiugamani, sheets, blankets etc.).

2- will be occupied by no more people established.

3- It will be delivered in perfect state of cleaning and maintenance from 10 to 12 hours and from 15 to 19 hours the day of arrival.

      It should be returned in exactly the same state of cleanliness and maintenance from 9 am to 11 am on the day of departure.

3bis- arrival, ie at the time of the tenant, the landlord and the tenant himself will control the state of the property and, if necessary, will highlight the differences in the lease.

4- The exact time of arrival as well as to start the driver must always be communicated to the landlord at least 24 hours in advance, respecting the provisions of the booking.

5- It is leased exclusively tourist under article 1, paragraph 2, letter c) of the law n.431 / 98.

6- It is the obligation of the conductor does not cause damage to the property, furniture and household appliances contained therein and to this end declares to have found it in perfect condition and operation. For any damage caused during the rental period is given the opportunity to the landlord to make repairs to a craftsman of confidence and the conductor and forces it already undertakes to pay, upon presentation of a bill, the payments made by the lessor to make the necessary repairs. If the damage is severe enough to prevent the landlord to grant it in use for the period immediately following the expiration of this contract, the tenant is required to pay a penalty established and accepted by both parties equal to € 300.00 (three hundred / 00), made in every way except the right to claim further damages suffered by the landlord for loss of use of the property.

6bis- failures of appliances and equipment attributable to normal wear and tear, with a proper use of the equipment, shall be borne by the lessor.

7- The overnight stay in the property, even occasional, of a number of persons higher than that agreed in paragraph 2 will result in the termination of the contract in accordance with art.1456 of the CC

8- If the lessor fails to meet its commitment by signing the contract, the same shall pay the tenant a sum equal to the received as a penalty in addition to the restitution of the advance. In the event that the tenant was not to pick up the keys and contextual balance owed to the lessor acquire the deposit plus the right to request the same in every way the balance of the rent agreed

9- The rental is agreed and accepted by both parties and paid as follows: a deposit confirmation is required sum advance equal to 35% of the lease agreed upon; the remaining sum will be paid upon delivery of the keys to the start date of the lease.

10- In case of early return of the keys, for whatever reason, the deadline for the expiration of the lease, the rent already paid will not be returned.

11- For the apartments the cost of water, electricity and gas are paid by the landlord.

12- The conductor at the time of collecting the keys to the landlord will pay a further sum of € 300.00 (Three hundred / 00) as a security deposit, the amount that will be returned at the end of the lease, after checking whether the cleaning, the state of the property and furnishings.

13- It is forbidden to have pets of any kind and size in the rented.

14- If because of extraordinary events not attributable to the landlord, such as fire, flood, floods, earthquakes etc, renting already started could not be completed on schedule and then the tenant must leave the apartment in advance, will be returned to the tenant only the rental fee for the days not yet used. No other amount or damage can be attributed to the lessor.



Satisfaction GuaranteedWARRANTY and SAFETY

The holiday rental activity of the apartments is denounced regularly to the Municipality of Grottammare and the Marche Region and you are able to controll them in the portal under the heading "Housing for rent" and "Other private accommodation", pursuant to Law. n. 9/06.

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